Board Members

Elected Members

Immediate Past President Melissa Baucus (Texas State University)
President – Colin Higgins (Deakin University)
President Elect – Vanessa Hill (University of Louisiana)
Conference Chair – Brad Agle (Brigham Young University)
Conference Chair Elect – Karen Maas (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Representative at Large (2013-2016) Judith Schrempf-Stirling (University of Richmond)
Representative at Large (2013-2016) Anne Barraquier (Skema Busines School)

Representative at Large (2014-2017) Jill Brown (Bentley University)
Representative at Large (2014-2017) Michelle Westermann-Behaylo (University of Amsterdam)
Representative at Large (2015-2018) – Robert Phillips (University of Richmond)
Representative at Large (2015-2018) – Barrie Litzky (The Pennsylvania State University)

Appointed Members non-voting

Operations Manager – Kim Rodela (Brigham Young University)

Secretary – Anke Arnaud (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Audit Committee Chair - Patsy Lewellyn 

Appointed Members voting

Fellows Representative #1 – Jim Weber  (Duquesne University)
Fellows Representative #2 – Craig Dunn (Western Washington University)
Membership Director – Tara Ceranic (University of San Diego)
Publications Committee Chair - Andrew Crane (York University)
Treasurer – Jeanne Logsdon 

Ex-Officio Members

Business & Society Editor – Andrew Crane (York University)

Proceedings Editor Craig VanSandt (University of Northern Iowa) 

Newsletter Editor – Caddie Putnam Rankin (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)